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I tried to overload with the broccoli for last night's dinner. Fish baked in Indian simmer sauce. Also, 1/4 cup brown rice/veg stock.

I tried to OD with broccoli for last night’s dinner. Fish baked in Indian simmer sauce. Also, 1/4 cup brown rice/veg stock.

AUSTIN, TEXAS — I’ll be honest with y’all — almost a month into this ‘eatin the right thing’ program of mine, and I’ve encountered tons of resistance.

I was goin good for a few days, and then the weekend came, a little stress over this and that, and before you know it I’m back to my lil ole habit of takin care of my sweet tooth with four chocolate malt balls — and later a highly processed fig bar…and whatever other highly processed thing makes everything semi-better for a moment or so…

Monday's Calorie Count

Monday’s Calorie Count.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for eating a piece of dark chocolate when the craving hits. You know, I’m all about moderation.

But I know me and I know when I’m falling off the train.

Thankfully, now, I don’t get too hard on myself and I just try to course correct.

Yeah for yesterday…yesterday was a great day: Lots of veggies, fresh fruit, plant-based protein, and water.

(Plus, I went to Town Lake…it was so cold I ended up doing a jog/walk of sorts that got my blood really flowing.)

For last night’s dinner I made fish/brown rice/Indian simmer sauce and broccoli.

I made sure about half my plate was covered with the broccoli. (I was stuffed.)

Although, if you look at the calorie counter chart you can see I didn’t do so well at night. I’ve noticed a lot of ‘snacking’ takes place.

And because I’m more tired at that point in the day, I pay less attention to what I’m putting in my gullet.

Nonetheless, this morning I woke up feeling super charged and ready to get after it — whatever ‘it’ may bring today.

It’s not easy Y’All. Not one bit.