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My mom (right) and our good friend Maggie -- at opening week of the Whole Foods (Domain, North).

My mom (left) and our good friend Maggie — at opening week of the Whole Foods (Domain, North).

AN EXCITING OUTING for me is a ‘girl’s day / walk / lunch’ at the new WHOLE FOODS supermarket North (in the Domain).

(George would have lasted 15 minutes — TOPS!!)

Lucky for me I have my mom and Maggie — and they are my culinary goddesses — the top of my foodie friend list.

We braved opening week Friday — and SURVIVED!!

There are fire pits cozy and warm out front — you know, if you want to cuddle up to your honey with a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers (and olives from their fanciful olive bonanza.)

Then there’s the coffee bar with the glass beakers hanging from the ceiling dispensing that black gold ooze.

It’s all so TRES CHIC!!

date / nut bar

Trail mix bar, Medjool dates

Hey, and if you feel like it, wrap up your lunch so you can scoot on about five minutes south — you can try on some new Athleta capris or Lululemon Wunder Unders.

(Seriously, folks, this is RETAIL HEAVEN! And yes, I’m more than willing to participate…come ‘on now.)

If you don’t want to fancy urself up for SERIOUS FARE, just saddle up to their ‘sausage smoker bar,’ getcha a pint, and a brat, and hang out next to the band stage for some cool tunes.

It’s all so wonderful…i mean, seriously, they have a RAMEN BAR, y’all….

Fish market and fresh salmon slicing

Fish market and fresh salmon slicing

This new store rocks — I think they did a great job taking everything that works — and adding some new surprises. LOVE IT! Thanks Whole Foods!!

Olive, dip bar

Olive, dip bar


Their Sweet Summer Kale salad is the best KALE salad ever — the secret is APPLE RINGS, plus: almonds, sun-dried cranberries, olive oil, honey, orange juice, white balsamic vinegar, shallots, garlic, oregano, crushed red chili flakes, salt, black pepper.

Dear Reader, I couldn’t find their Sweet Summer Kale recipe online, but I did find their Kale salad recipe.


Love, D.