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Me and George attacking at Hut's Hamburgers. (Sorry 'bout image quality. had to shoot w/ i-phone.)

Me and George attacking Hut’s Hamburgers — and Veggie Burger. (Sorry ’bout image quality. had to shoot w/ i-phone.)

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Hut’s Hamburgers has been an institution here for as long as I can remember.

Recently, I noticed a sign outside Hut’s that said ‘gluten-free buns.’

I had no idea I’d ever go in and try one.

Little did I know George would suggest Hut’s today.

(Today is a full moon day at the Shala, which in the Ashtanga world, means a ‘rest day.’ For some reason today, I wanted to apply it to everything.)

Lucky I was to get in a movie with George at Violet Crown Cinema (the new Woody Allen film). And then Hut’s. (George, by the way, had this incredible-tasting blue cheese burger with bacon. And he was nice enough to offer me a bite right from the middle. OMG!)

I guess I ordered the gluten-free bun with my veggie burger because I knew I wanted some onion rings with ketchup. (I figured the ‘gluten free’ bun would make me feel better and a little more healthy.)

They have super huge yummy onion rings, almost as big as your head :)

They have super huge yummy onion rings, almost as big as your head 🙂

I told George after we ate that I really couldn’t even tell the bun was gluten-free.

To me, a gluten-free bun in a hamburger joint usually means lifeless, air-filled, stale bun … but this thing was extra moist and tasty, and actually better than either their wheat or regular white bun.

On top of it, the manager was so gracious he must have noticed an order went out for a ‘new to the menu’ gluten-free bun. Cause he came over to talk to us.

Told us they are made local by a company called Smart Flour Foods. So, I’m looking at them online now. (Wow. It appears they sell their gluten-free buns in packs online.)

Looks like they also make more than just the hamburger buns.

(But, hey, if you’re curious, don’t want to cook at home, and live in Austin, hit up Hut’s tomorrow. It’s Wednesday. And that means two for one.)

YUM SCRUM! Thank you HUT’S!