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Used the grill Sunday night for sweet potato fries. YUM!!

Grilled sweet potato fries Sunday night. Of course we drenched them in ketchup — but it was HEALTHY Organic ketchup — no high-fructose corn syrup. YUM!

SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AUSTIN, TEXAS — Unbelievable! It rained and it rained like God was trying to send us a signal…’We’ll save the plants and flowers and fruit trees together.’

Thank God!

With the ‘curb appeal’ area in the front of the house totally drenched — it was me and the pix axe Saturday morning.

I made significant headway to clear some dirt for a nicer ‘composed granite’ sidewalk. The earth was sickly soft and moist – and plus, while I was out there I made a date with a neighbor for a glass of wine — so check number two in the FABULOUS column!!

And, alas, the menu for next week is ready:


To do: Inventory fridge / freezer / pantry

Create menu for next week

(HEB shopping trip for weekly groceries)


Mornin: Wash up kale, make lunches, yoga practice @ Ashtanga Austin

Lunch: Green leafy salad with Chimayo-spiced beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, avacado and ‘Sass’ brand Tamari Vinigrette.

Dinner: Grill NY Strip for George. Turkey burgers. And grill sweet potato fries (see photo above for how these babies turned out). Serve fries with ‘Organicville’ ketchup. Skillet up some mushroom/onion mixture for burger/steak topping. Baked peaches on the grill. YUM!!

To assemble: Pita sandwiches, cucumbers, hummus (tomorrow’s lunch)

To marinade: Tonight’s protein / steak

To wash and store: Bok choy, broccoli, cucs

To food process: Sweet onions, garlic

To do: Prep grill for tonight, arrange briquets


Mornin: yoga practice @ Ashtanga Austin

Lunch: Pre-made pita sandwiches with cucs / hummus / Mann’s slaw mix / any leftover steak / red and green pepper

Dinner: Italian Night ragu and ravioli with fresh summer veggies, including broccoli. (Light Cesar Salad)

To Make for Tuesday: After-yoga-practice-meal including cup of rolled oats, sliced almonds, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg

Tuesday Dinner Prep: Soak Adzuki beans, cook


Mornin: Yoga practice @ Ashtanga Austin

After-Yoga Meal: Rolled oat cup with sliced almonds and raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg

Lunch: On our own

Dinner: Buddha bowl of Adzuki beans, bok choy, low-sodium soy sauce, sticky white / brown rice combo / bulgur

Wednesday Lunch Prep: Soak black Beluga lentils, cook cous cous, soak raisins.

Bake pita chips. (Plus, move organic chicken from freezer to fridge.)


Morning: Yoga practice @ Ashtanga Austin

Lunch: Black Beluga lentils, cous cous with tamari vinigrette, soaked flame raisins, slivered almonds — with homemade pita chips

Dinner: Longostino tails (Costco). Stuff these babies in blue corn shells and top with corn slaw/purple cabbage.

To Buy: Spinach and soy cheese for Friday morning egg taco, including spinach, egg, mushroom and salsa (in the style of the ‘Neal’ at Bouldin Creek Cafe)

Thursday Dinner Prep: Cut and tenderize organic chicken. Roast garlic for pizza.


Mornin: Yoga practice @ Ashtanga Austin

Lunch: On UR OWN

Dinner: Organic chicken fingers breaded in Panko. Whole wheat pizza crust topped with spinach, roasted garlic, red onion and white sauce. Using soy cheese shreds, ‘Daiya’ brand)


Mornin: Breakfast for George in the style of Bouldin Creek’s ‘Neal’

For me: Green ‘Vitamix’ smoothie including kale, apple, Vega One powder and banana

(Dinner Prep: Brown turkey and place turkey and kidney beans, tomatoes, spices in crock pot. Prep corn polenta cake ingredients)

Walk w/ lovely friend ‘M’ @ Town Lake

Lunch: Whole Foods fish bar

(buy greens for tonight’s dinner)

Dinner: Corn polenta cakes with ground turkey chili and kidney beans. Pair with mustard greens