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'Lil golden beets ready to be steamed in the oven. (Scored so it'll be easy to peel.)

‘Lil golden beets ready to be steamed in the oven. (Scored so it’ll be easy to peel.)

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Unbelievable! It’s blazing saddles HOT today. Like the kind of hot where you don’t even want to leave hot things in the car for fear they’ll go rubber on you, and then at 6 tonight we get this torrential moonsoon-like-rain in our backyard.

(Ok, maybe not like monsoon, but compared to the days we’ve been having, any wee bit feels like a moonsoon.)

And I’ve got the grill going. So I go out to save the fire, our dinner, and the rest of the evening.

(All I can think to do is cover the fire with the grill lid, but this doesn’t help the issue with me cooking in rain, so we start cooking inside, on the stove top.)

But I’m such a doof cause I don’t open the holes that allow air to travel from outside of the grill cover to the inside — and of course George catches this for me — and then proceeds to go out there — in the rain, I might add — and save the day by using the grill to make the best darn chicken. Geesh!

I was gonna steam the beets on the grill, too. So, my photo shoot got sidetracked.

Anyhow, to the point of this post, the WEEKLY MENU:


Dinner: Grill night featuring NY strip steak, turkey burgers and portabella mushrooms. Salad has creole red onions, purple cabbage, green onion and spring mix. Using Whole Foods’ ‘Health Starts Here’ Cesear Dressing made from Silken Tofu. Sweet potato fries with organic ketchup.

To Do: Pack lunch, cut portabellas and freeze. Clean up grill.

To Buy: Walnuts and hydroponic pesto for caprese-like salad Monday night. Brown rice off Whole Foods’ hot bar. Frozen peas for fried rice recipe. Oranges.

Costco trip: Waters, bananas, mushrooms, salad greens.


Lunch: Leftovers from Grill Night.

(Start making tofu rounds for Monday’s nights dinner. Work on photo shoot for ‘easy beet prep.’)

Dinner: Caprese-like Salad using tofu rounds instead of cheese. (Dairy-Free.) Drizzle with walnut/pesto/fresh hydroponic basil. Maybe use spaghetti squash.

To Do: Pack tomorrow’s salad for lunch


Lunch: Big ‘ole Kale Cesear Salad with Whole Foods’ ‘Health Starts Here’ Cesear Dressing.

Dinner: Pick Up from Bouldin Creek Cafe or Mother’s Cafe


Lunch: On UR Own

Dinner: Fried Rice BETTA than greasy take-out (brown rice, peas, carrots, egg/tofu, green onion).

To Do: Make pumpernickel, cuc and hummus sandwiches for lunch. Pack lunch.

To Buy: Green beans, sweet potato for Thurs. night dinner. Red peppers for Friday night. Plus veggie cheese, if needed.


Lunch: Pumpernickel, cucumber, hummus sandwiches (green leafy salad too).

Dinner: Buddha Bowl with cous cous, salad beans, green beans and sweet potato


Lunch: Fish tacos at Whole Foods Bar

Dinner: Whole Foods Whole Wheat Pizza Crust topped with fresh marinara, fresh basil, red peppers, veggie cheese and portabellas. Side salad.