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I never used to be as GA-GA over almond butter as I am now.

I’m not sure if I didn’t like the fact that the store-bought single-serve squeeze-pouch had ‘palm fruit oil.’ (What the hell is palm fruit oil??)


Maybe I had been media-brainwashed into believing the 16g of fat per serving would add an extra tire around my middle.

A friend of mine who is super fit and eats almond butter almost every morning has no extra tire around her middle. (No tire around middle and almond butter — they can co-exist, I figure.)

She told me, in fact, it was one of her favorite things to slather the butter on toast and top it with any jam or honey or date. (She’s such a forward thinker, lol!)

It must have been the vegan food bloggers that helped me break out.

Nut butters like peanut butter, almond butter, walnut butter and hazelnut butter can be a useful staple in one’s diet, since you can get tons of protein.

About two cups of almonds go in the food processor.

About two cups of almonds go in the food processor.

I’ve been whipping up a batch of almond butter every week since I’ve started looking at all the food blogs.

With that, I’ve sought out different platforms for the butter as well as toppers.

My favorite thing to do with the almond butter is slather it on this really grainy rye bread I found at Whole Foods.

Sometimes during munchy time at night I turn on the skillet, spray it with coconut oil, and pan fry my little bread ’til it gets crispy and warm enough — and toast-like — so when I put the butter on it’s so easy to spread.

When I’ve got the bread getting nice and toasted in the skillet, I add sliced banana and I get those nice and carmelized on the outside.

(Sometimes those naners are so warm they just spread on the almond butter like a nice compote. Yum!!)

But, alas, to the point of this post…


1.) Measure out 2 cups almonds (I buy mine at Costco for $13 — for a 3 lb. bag.)

2.) Set-up your food processor with the metal blade. Pour in your almonds.

3.) Set processor to ‘puree.’ And let it go for 7 to 8 minutes (8 minutes if you want it more creamy, like mine.)

This is the consistency you're lookin for.

This is the consistency you’re lookin for.

Other Notes:

– I wouldn’t put more than two cups in the processor. Any more and I have found I tax the motor and the processor gets warm. A taxed machine == sub-standard almond butter. LOL!

– Usually I store my butter in a plastic Kerr jar with a tight fitting lid. (It goes right into the pantry since we eat it all w/n the week. Any more than a week and you might want to store it in your fridge.)

My butter overflow-ITH.....now we're ready to smear and tear...YUM!!

My butter overflow-ITH…..now we’re ready to smear and tear…YUM!!