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A Vitamix rep at Whole Foods used this ‘Organic Gourmet’ Veggie Bouillon to make a  southwest tortilla soup.

It was the most wonderful tortilla soup I’ve ever had. Really creamy. Really, it was amazing.

I originally bought a box of the bouillon just to make the soup, but I found I use the bouillon so much, I keep it ‘on-the-ready’ in the fridge.

I use it sometimes in place of oil to saute veggies.

Or over Buddha Bowl ingredients instead of soy sauce.

When we get some winter months here in a couple of years (tee hee) I’m sure I’ll use it for soup bases.

You know it’s got some good stuff when the box says you have to keep it refrigerated.

I know they sell it at Whole Foods downtown.

If you want to buy a box online, it looks like VitaCost is selling one for $3.32.

(VitaCost also has reviews of the product, nutritional information, etc.)