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quinoa croquettes with sweet squash potato

When I go to NYC, I head to my favorite restaurant Angelica Kitchen.

Every time I am impressed with the unique seasonal ingredients and presentation.

But clearly, on one visit, I was so impressed I wrote down the daily special I had (and filed it in my ‘to conquer’ recipes).

The other night, flipping through the section, I unearthed what I had written down that visit in 2010:

Curried Quinoa Vegetable Croquettes
Roasted Rutabagas, Parsnips, Leeks, Carrots, Celery
Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes and Quinoa
(served over yellow split pea dahl, side of tofu mint cucumber raita,
accompanied by green beans, and roasted red turnips. Garnished by Dandelion Green.)

While looking through my recipe book, I was also thinking about what to do with a little sweet ‘goldie’ squash I bought at Whole Foods Market.

Voila! It occured to me that I could use the newfound ‘goldie’ in a croquette. Now, who had a good veggie croquette recipe?

That’s when I stumbled on THE ALKALINE SISTERS’ blog.

I ended up adapting their recipe for veggie croquettes.

It had quinoa, sweet potato, and pinto beans as the main features. So I figured where the recipe called for full-on sweet potato I’d do half sweet potato and half ‘goldie’ squash.

(You can see my adaption here, with the measurements I used for the ingredients.)

Our dinner Sunday night ... all dairy free ... full of protein from the quinoa. And loaded with veggies and flavor. Topped with an easy, cool, cucumber sauce.

Our veggie crouquette dinner Sunday night … all dairy free … topped with an easy, cool, cucumber sauce made with silken tofu. (Lil ‘goldie’ squash in background if you are curious what it looks like in its full ‘lil baby glory).

And oh boy, the Alkaline Sisters have a winner.

The colors on our plate were bright and the patties of quinoa just plain tasty.

(I packed up some for Tuesday’s lunch and then I crumbled the rest for pizza toppings.)

Thanks Alkaline Sisters.

I will continue to visit your site for your yummy and healthy fare.

Plus I’m gonna have to try your smoked almond cream for these. Yum!