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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Melons and squash took center stage at this weekend's downtown Farmer's Market.

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Melons and squash took center stage at this weekend’s downtown Farmer’s Market.

I have been prepping for next week, for a Buddha Bowl with white beans and red ruby rice. George says its best with sweet potato, so those just came out of the oven.

Kale and Chard have been washed and containered. Onions and carrots shredded up. Plus, a little lunch is ready in the fridge — for after morning yoga practice.

So, here’s our menu for the next week:


Lunch: Buddha Bowl (White Bean, Red Ruby Rice, Chard, Sweet Potato)
Dinner: Quinoa Veggie Croquettes (featuring sweet 'goldie' squash)

Prep: Remove chicken from freezer and de-thaw.

Tenderize chicken and stuff w/pesto.

Cook plenty of quinoa and store extra.


Lunch:  Take Out from Bouldin Creek Cafe
Dinner: Chicken Stuffed with Walnut-Spinach Pesto (with Greens)

Prep: Grill for Thursday night. (Make pizza dough for grilling.)


Lunch: Whole Foods Salad Bar 
Dinner: Spicy Italian Eat Balls from 'My Beef With Meat' (Puttanesca / Whole Wheat Penne Pasta.)

Buy: Fennel, imported olives for pizza night on Thursday.

Zucchini, Squash, items for grilling night Thursday.

Purple/Napa cabbage for slaw. (Regular or Thai slaw?)


Lunch: Mother's Cafe for Tofu Burgers
Dinner: Grilled 'gluten-free' pizza (fennel, olives)

Prep: Grill veggies while working on grilled pizza


Lunch: Fish Bar @ Whole Foods
Dinner: Tostadas w / Black Beans / Grilled Veggies and Slaw



Lunch: Farmer's Market downtown Austin, Texas
Dinner: OUT & Planning for next week's menu