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A good friend of mine always told me to strive for a 'rainbow' of colors in your salads. The one we made for lunch today had purple cabbage, carrots and a bunch of other healthy fixins.

A bunch of different, colorful veggies in today’s BIG lunch salad. Approx. 340 calories for each serving like this one (plus tons of important nutrients like iron). What I put together in the mixing bowl was enough for two servings, for me and George. He gobbled his down while proclaiming how good it was. So this isn’t a ‘girlie salad.’

We had a big, yummy, filling, low-cal leafy green salad for lunch today.

I love it when we eat this way cause by 6 p.m. I’m not starving. I get super energy and I can tell my yoga practice is better.

While this has everything but the kitchen sink in it, the salad is so easy to assemble. I just get out a big ole mixing bowl and start throwing in the ingredients, even the items for the dressing.

Toss several times to coat everything with the avocado / oil / vinegar.

(p.s. this could be considered a variation of Whole Foods’ kale/avacado salad. Just many more ingredients, and not the use of apple cider vinegar-based dressing.)

For this Easy, Healthy, Green Kale/Avacado salad you’ll need…

– organic kale (used a big handful)

– spring mix (filled up 1/3 of the big mixing bowl)

– purple cabbage (1/4 of a small head, chopped fine)

– Mann’s organic broccoli coleslaw (used about 1/2 handful)

– 1/2 cup homemade kidney beans (from the freezer, I had cooked these up last week)

– 1/2 cup diced organic Roma tomatoes (they had been on sale at Whole Foods)

– 2 tablespoons diced purple onion

– 1 cup grilled brocolli (I had leftovers from the weekend)

– handful spinach

– half medium-sized avocado

– spicy tamari pumpkin seeds

(I get the pumpkin seeds from Whole Foods’ bulk area. I used half tablespoon on mine and half on George’s.)

Items to dress salad (just throw these in the mixing bowl too):

– 2 tablespoons golden balsamic vinegar (Napa Valley Naturals)

– 1 tablespoon extra light tasting olive oil (Pompeian Brand)

– squeeze half lemon

– sea salt and cracked black pepper (a few small dashes here and there)